About Us

Marquis Partners is a Dental and Health Care Service Organization. We support doctors by addressing non-clinical aspects of their practices to promote growth and security. We service a multitude of needs including practice management consulting, marketing services and direction for building practice groups.

Our team’s unique combination of expertise allows us to address all aspects of your businesses life cycle. We tailor our approach to the requirements of each client in order to deliver equitable outcomes.  We strive to be a full service resource, a key strategic relationship, your Marquis Partner.

How We Can Help

Practice Management

Doctors are often too busy working in their practices to effectively work on their practices. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we have a clear understanding of your practices current baseline performance, head count, service offerings and operating methods rather than simply offering a binder of template solutions.

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Marketing Consulting

The health care marketplace is rapidly changing and there’s no shortage of advertising  “tactics” available as you look to grow. Engaging these tactics without a detailed marketing plan, messaging and a defined brand is a reckless and expensive lesson to learn.  Today’s competitive practice environment requires a detailed strategic marketing plan to avoid expensive campaigns that can demonstrate little to no return on your investment.

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Dental Service Organization

As healthcare professionals, we take exception to the status quo of practice brokerage and appraisal styles. The Marquis Partners methodology creates equitable deals for both the buyer and seller based on our proprietary twelve point approach.

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Our Experienced Team

Karl Alexandrunas


Karl is one of three founding partners whose expertise is stems from years of experience on the front lines of operational management. Having served as a Regional Director with two corporate Dental Service Organizations he has extensive knowledge of the clinical and non-clinical challenges practice face. Having built individual practices and DSO‘s from inception he’s able to enter a practice and quickly prioritize items for alignment.

Karl’s experience provides a comprehensive understanding of practice management and the requirements to be successful. All components of the practice structure are analyzed and presented along with corrective measures. In a world of specialization, Karl brings a keen operational mind to the aid of clinicians.

A quote from Karl;
“There are few unique challenges in this space. Just challenges that are new to each client.”

Mark Alexandrunas D.M.D


Dr. Alexandrunas functions as a founding partner and clinical expert for consulting dental practices. Mark’s understanding of the industry has been validated by his ability to grow his practices by as much as 1,000% in six years. Mark is a clinician and entrepreneur who enjoys helping his colleagues attain their goals amidst a changing landscape.

Having grown his practice group into a full service DSO, Mark brings an inimitable perspective and knowledge base that further distinguishes Marquis Partners offerings. He doesn‘t need to pretend to understand the fears and concerns of his clients, because he’s lived them. Having been besieged by "dental experts" of all types Dr. Mark wanted to create an organization that provided genuine value to his peers.

A quote from Mark;
“It’s easy to stand on the sidelines and play expert. Its an entirely different business to suit up and walk a mile in the owners shoes. I got into Dentistry because I was inspired by the many ways to help my patients. Now I have the opportunity to help my colleagues in the fashion I sought when I was in need.”

Michael Casey

Managing Partner

As a founding partner, Michael provides business development and marketing direction for the DSO. He also works with clients on new patient acquisition, enhancing patient experience and practice group development. Michael’s ability to assess client needs, communicate options and build consensus are central to the value he provides.

Michael’s career in professional and healthcare services spans nearly two decades with IkaSystems, MVP HealthCare, Crivella West and Adelphia Business Solutions. Having repeatedly demonstrated his ability to expand client bases and grow revenue Michael founded Marquis Partners to assist care providers in meeting the challenges of a this dynamic environment.

A quote from Michael;
"Fortune favors the bold."